First and Second Mortgage Rates Compared

There are certain situations where a second mortgage would be a good move. You have to be very sure about it however as taking out a second mortgage is no joke. And doing it the wrong way can cost you even more in the long here now!

Is Second Mortgage Rates Lower Than First?

One reason some people are encouraged to use a second mortgage is because they believe that the rates will be much lower than on the first one. The truth is that normally the rates for the second mortgage are higher simply because there is a greater risk to the lender. When the borrower defaults on the loan, the lender would only be paid if there was any money left after the initial mortgage has been paid.

There are also some situations where the second mortgage could come with a lower rate. This might happen when the second mortgage has an adjustable rate. The current condition in the market might make the rate lower than the first.

Second Mortgages Are Not Recommended

Taking out a second mortgage to make payments for the first is not a recommended move. It carries certain risks that might make it harder for the borrower to pay back the loan later on. Of course, there would always be exceptions. In cases where the balance of the first loan is small, and the rate is high, then taking out a second mortgage with a lower rate is a better move to make.

Using A Second Mortgage

A second mortgage is a great way to get hold of cash when you need it. By using the value of your home, you can get the money you need.

Here are some of the advantages.

 It is easy to get a second mortgage since it is taken against the value of the house and is, therefore, a secured loan
 The interest to a second mortgage is tax deductible
 You can get a substantial amount of money in a relatively fast period

With those advantages, it is easy to see why many homeowners resort to second mortgages to get some cash. It is a fast and convenient way of getting the money that you need.

Disadvantages of Second Mortgages

There are also some problems in connection with second mortgages. Here are some of those drawbacks.

 You are risking your house when taking out a second mortgage. In case you default, the lender can take away your house as the payment for what you owe.


 The interest rates are high. Since this is a second mortgage, usually its rates would be higher than the first.

These are just some of the drawbacks of getting a second mortgage.get details from

Be Sure About the Reasons

You have to be certain about the reason why you are taking out a second mortgage. It should be a valid one because you are risking your home in the process and the possibility of losing it is very real.

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